Volunteer opportunity in Gambella Regional State of Ethiopia

Health Program
Anyone with training in an applicable health care field who is interested in traveling to Gambella, Ethiopia to participate in the field work, is highly encouraged to participate in these programs.

Participant can work on variety of programs including: Health education, promotion, prevention and treatment, administration, and leadership. Participant also can assist staff both in and out of the Hospital, Clinic, Community Health center, and Administration office. Task will be assigned by the local staff based on participant’s background work experience. This is great opportunity for doctors, nurses,Physician Assistant, Public Health, and medical students to learn about Gambella Region’s health system while giving back to the community.


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Participant Details: Participants must be at least 18 years old or older at the time of their program.







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I would like to participate in the program with Gambella Regional State of Ethiopia, host by Gambella Medical Team Connection. I acknowledge that I agree not to sue Gambella Medical Team Connection and Gambella Regional State for any legal and financial damages and loss during the program. I understand that I should acquire travel medical insurance; however, I am hereby agreeing to take any responsibility for any injury and damage incurred in the program to participate in any activity sincerely throughout the program. I accept the conditions of participation for the program by the host organization and Gambella regional State.

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