Board Members


Dr. Kwot is a Board of Director of Gambella Medical Team Connection (GmTc). Clinical Laboratory consultant, Special Coagulation at Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr. Gugo Obang Kwot

Board of director

Nyigwo is a Board member of GmTc and work at Jack Links as a floor Lead or (assistance supervisor). He has bachelor degree in social work & international relations and Master of Art in political science from Mankato State University, Minnesota.

Omot Nyigwo

Board member

Akom Laro

Board member

Kevin Neff

Board member

Okogn Ojwok Akedi

Board member

Omot Olok Dang

Board member

Executive Committee

Eric Aguirro
Jarred maya
Omot Olok
Habibo Haji
Aduk Obang