Gambella Medical School

Gambella Medical School Vision and Plan


Mission Statement: To transform health outcomes for the region of Gambella through high quality medical education and research, and provision of care for the community.


Vision:  The Gambella region will have adequate physicians and other healthcare professionals committed to excellence in healthcare to meet the region’s needs.


  • Gambella Media Network: www.gambellamedia,com
  • Gambella Hospital in Ethiopia (East Africa)
  • Myungsung Medical College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Campbell University in North Carolina


  1. We will recruit excellent faculty committed to our mission to provide high quality education of health professionals.
  2. We will partner with one or more U.S. and/or European teaching facilities to provide consistency in high quality education until the school is self-sustaining.
  3. We will train excellent, high quality, committed, compassionate physicians willing to invest in the future of the Gambella region.
  4. We will create a center of excellence for the region
  5. We will invite qualified Ethiopian and South Sudanese applicants to attend the school.
  6. We will improve educational opportunities for promising local high school students so that they can competitively apply to medical school.


Working Principles:

  1. We recognize the trauma that some of our students have experienced, and we will make their education a time for healing
  2. The school will have as its core beliefs: justice, access, quality, compassion, respect for all, creation of peace.
  3. Research will be an integral part of physician training.
  4. Team approach to healthcare will be highly emphasized.
  5. Clinical experiences and connections will be integrated into the education from day 1.
  6. Problem based learning will be integrated wherever appropriate.
  7. The perspective of social determinants of health, including economic development, community and public health will be emphasized.
  8. The school will be a model of mutually respectful learning; a place where students from abroad and students from the region can learn alongside each other, from each other, each teaching their strengths.
  9. The admissions process will welcome and consider any qualified application, but will have a bias in favor of including some regional Ethiopian and South Sudanese students.
  10. We will invite other disciplines to join us in expanding education opportunities for other healthcare workers, since we recognize the important roles of all healthcare team members.


  1. Organize and send a container of medical and education supplies to Gambella, with input from Gambella Medical Team, the Ministry, Gambella Hospital and Gambella University and Gambella regional leadership. Time to accomplish: August, 2018
  2. Creation of a letter of support from Minister of Health, Dr. Amir, to be used for negotiating with potential partners. Time to accomplish: June, 2018
  3. Creation of this medical school plan, outlining details of medical school timeline, priorities, mission, vision, values. Time to accomplish: Completed June 2018
  4. Creation of a high quality, adequately staffed teaching hospital in Gambella at a location mutually agreed upon. Time to accomplish: June 2020
  5. Approval by Ministries of Health and Education to accept applicants to medical school. Time to accomplish: June 2020
  6. First class begins. Time to accomplish: Sept,2020
  7. Curriculum draft completed. Time to accomplish: Sept, 2018
  8. Development of a workshop to invite potential financial partners and academic partners to discuss and review the plan. Time to accomplish: In progress
  9. Development of a list of desirable partners. Time to accomplish: Accomplished July, 2018 and always in progress
  10. Development of plan to provide high speed internet for university schools. Time to accomplish: In progress.
  11. Approach potential med schools in U.S. to provide consultation for radiological studies via high speed internet connection. Time to accomplish: Accomplished Jan 2019.
  12. Begin supplemental training of promising high school students so that they can compete in applying to medical school.

The creation of a medical school in Gambella is an important step in transforming health outcomes in a region of the world that has known recent violence, chaos and suffering.  Bringing high quality education to an area of recent conflict and inviting students specifically who can become part of the solution for regional health challenges is a unique model for improving health, providing jobs, and creating a future and hope for many.